" Inside you is an artist you don't know about "

This module is primarily concerned with the foundations of how you can strengthen your inner vision, by developing your general awareness. 

By opening up the scope of your awareness in different areas of your life, you expand your perception of everything around you. This is a healthy place for an artist to reside.

Most of us inadvertently seek acceptance from those around us, and sometimes even those who have been part of or lives in the past.

And we do this without even realising, driven by conditioning we didn’t notice was even there. 

Simply this alone can become a major block to creating with freedom. 

This subconscious conformity can cause you to use art as a tool of ego-based gratification, rather than a means of self expression. After all, who doesn’t like compliments? 

On your journey of awareness, you get to identify anything that may be causing reserve, or artistic blocks.

Pinpointing what feels joyful, is integral in allowing your true vision to shine through. 

'l'art pour l'art - art for art's sake'

"I am a fine artist, that embraces the mystery to explore, and the feeling of where that might take me in my life and work.

Learning over the last 30 years how enriching the freedom of expression has been to my life, I have created a diverse space that allows me ongoing potential in which to play, and of which has opened up many opportunities in my working life.

After graduating with a fine art degree, I wished to keep on evolving the process of my work, and apply what I had learnt to various areas. I enjoy challenging myself, and continue to follow in the direction of what I have an intuitive draw towards.

From illustration to one man shows, in sculpture, as a painter, to tattoo art, and designing, it's been an important journey of self knowledge.

In my time owning a gallery, one which housed many prestigious artists work, including the many dream like perspectives of the great Marc Chagall, I learnt to see the art world from another view point. It was a fascinating experience of meeting a vast array of different talents, artists and good friends. Seeing the wide range in taste and attitude to the art world from many people was so valuable.

I really love to be an inspiration to others, and to instil the value of the individual vision and creativity we uniquely possess. To encourage a way of representing yourself and being true to your energy. Breaking away from misconceptions and realising how your art is a contribution that raises your own vibration and that of the world around you.

When I consider my path in life as an artist, what personally drives and energises me the most is being a little lost in the unknown. The many possibilities of where something could go... it's the moment I know I'm in the right place.

We are in an era now where self investigation, knowledge and expression is becoming so relevant, to our own expansion, and of the world we are part of"

Cherianne Dawn

Frequently asked questions

How do I know the information on the course will work for me?

I guarantee this course will show you how to practically invest in yourself, every step of the way, fully uncovering your own creativity. True authenticity will always lead to the absolute best results in everything you do. It’s an exciting prospect to relate this to your art.

Where do I start in becoming an artist?

It’s not a question of how to become an artist..but the real question is how to uncover the artist that you already are.

This course will help you to finding ways of realising your artistic potential. In letting go to your intuition, our natural guidance system, and the most powerful of senses, you can honestly surprise yourself time and time again.

What if I can’t connect to my intuition?

We are all already connected, and born with this ability, it’s more a matter of increasing the awareness of it. In fact, it is because we are so in tune with it, that it commonly goes unnoticed, it's subtleties getting lost in the chaos of daily life.

How will I recognise it? 

Follow your intuition. In our day to day activities, we are in explicably attracted to certain things, that maybe we wouldn’t at first identify as having any significance. It could be a song, or a recurring thought or idea. 

How many times have you paused at a random item in the supermarket, only to find that you’d unknowingly run out of it when you got home..or that person that's on your mind calls when your just about to contact them..?

Sometimes we pass by those times, maybe call it a strange occurrence, but sometimes we feel the compulsion to investigate it further. This, I would call following up on your intuition.

 What might seem something of minor importance could possibly be a key to your higher purpose. So pay attention to what or who you might be drawn to, and who or what pops up from nowhere in your head!

This course helps to hone your senses, and further allow you to access your higher wisdom by means of creation.

The Intuitive Artist isn’t for you if -

  • You would like to learn specifics about a particular medium, eg-how to use glazes in oil painting

  • You have a predetermined idea of the art you’d like to produce, eg- you’ve seen a painting you really like and you only want to paint to accurately re-produce an image or style 

  • You are expecting a ‘by the numbers’ art course to a specific product, eg- how to paint a highland cow in acrylics

  • You want to be told what is right and wrong -this is a journey to finding what feels valuable to you! 

  • You are not interested in self discovery or inner investigation, ie- you at not open to spiritual or energetic tools 


"Cheryl is intuitive , creative and enthusiastic. She has that rare ability to transmit spirituality and creativity in a way that is both easy to understand and personal to the individual. As an artist she is fearless and extremely talented and insightful. She also imparts these gifts to others. These are great qualities much needed now and in the days to come."
Keith How, (contemporary painter)

"Cheryl Jenkins is an amazing intuitive artist! She has the ability to connect deeply with Spirit and to receive in depth information from both your Spirit Guides and her own and then translate these into breathtaking works of colour, energy, and aliveness. She has a great personality and is very humble and approachable. She explains things in a clear and down-to-earth manner that really makes the world of spirit both accessible and come alive with meaning."
Koru Z, (Co Founder, ‘Spiritbond’ )

"Cheryl is a truly unique and gifted soul and her art reflects this. She has the rare combination of being extremely talented whilst being very humble. Her art is simply inspirational and her process makes spirituality easily accessible to everyone. After I have been with her, or been speaking to her, I always find that my own psychic ability has increased and that I have ‘opened up’. I have not had this with anyone else I have met. She has endless patience and brings out the best in everyone she meets. The messages she receives from spirit are always accurate and relevant and she communicates these messages effortlessly. Teaching comes naturally to her and her approach and manner is warm, gentle and none judgemental. Could not recommend her courses or teaching enough!"
Sinead Sweeney, (founder ‘Witch Way Gathering’)

"Cheryl is one of those rare artists who practice's spirituality and art and is able to join them. She has such a passion in both, whenever she talks about it you cannot help but listen and you feel like you have to try it or get into it. She explains everything in great detail, but simple enough so everyone can understand. She is sweet, lovely, and has a massive knowledge of life, art spirituality, and science too."
Eszter K , (Artist, crafter, tattooist)

"I'm not good with words all I know is the first time I met Cheryl I described one of her guides hoping that she was receptive and luckily she didn't look at me like a crazy lady she actually pulled out a piece of art she had done and there she was the guide that was stood next to her ! So that says it all. She simply has a gift where she can put spirit and energy into her art. I didn't need any more evidence than what spirit gave me the first day we met ! To teach this to others is a gift that she has in abundance."
Becky W, (psychic medium, spiritual healer.)

"Having known Cheryl for many years, I truly believe others can benefit from her years of creative experience. Her attitude and enthusiasm towards her art is infectious and her skills show great adaptability and progression in many mediums. With her calm and encouraging approach, I feel this course will help to inspire and satisfy even the most novice of artists. Being a huge fan of her work, I can't wait to get stuck in!"
Kirsty W, (co founder ‘Cyclone Works’) 

"Cheryl has a brilliant flare for creativity and art! She is calm and understanding and fabulous at explaining her ideas and creations in a way I was able to understand."
James B

"Cheryl listens to your ideas and points you in a way that is working. She will show you and explain her ideas and be understanding. Cheryl is amazing as a person and with her work. She never makes you feel down and lifts you up every time."
Sharon R

"I've known Cheryl now for a number of years, She is very intuitive and always knows exactly what I'm after when I give her my ideas. The artworks she produces are amazing! She is brilliant at listening, always making sure you understand and is very patient too. Highly recommend this fabulous lady!"
Jade W